Investments, Information, and Inventions.

The three are three ways to make money summed up on the computer, you can make lot’s of money if you know how these three ways. Investments is doing investments online. So, if you have a lot of money saved up and you have a bank account and hook into your TD Ameritrade account online. Then investing would be a great option for you. Which, pretty much, I never had a lot of money in my life time to invest. Then you have information. Information part,is writing a book or blog on the internet. I say, write you a blog and make a passive income at home. Put you some google ads on your page to generate income. That would be google ad sense. Google ad sense is sometimes hard to get. Then I suggest you try out other ad affiliates on the internet.

Then you have inventions. Inventions deals with things like software and websites you can create to make money. If you create software at home then you need Some venture capital. If you think somebody is going to hand you over a lot of money to make money, then I try inventions if I where you. If you want to create a web 2.0 or web 3.0 website now days, then the time is still ripe. It’s never been a better time in history. If you can create a witty invention like a cool website. Then I say, stick with inventions and raise money from venture capitalists online. But pretty much for that, That’s all I got to say.

And the last part of the information, is write you a book. Write you a novel or something. It really depends on you. You might want to write a technical book or something. But whatever. Writing books isn’t always for everybody. Most people don’t make much writing books at all. So, I suggest you do some of the other options above for internet ideas. So for now, I got to run. Have a great day, Thank you Chris Clark.

Ways to make money at home.

First of all, you need to pick the type that fits you. You can build a website and put content on it and have ads on it and make money the first way. But you have to have a lot of internet traffic. I say about 10,000 monthly users will do for the monthly traffic. Then you can invest in the stock market on the internet. But you probably need a lot of money first of all. To make lots of money online. That’s about it. You can work from home on freelance websites like or They offer good people to work for.

You could start your own web 2.0 website, but it cost’s a lot of advertising money to get your site off the ground. Why, you need money to get lot’s of users to your website for one thing. Then you have to basically update your web 2.0 website all the time. Basically, it’s a thing for everything you do on the internet.

Another way to make money at home online or on the internet is sell something you have. Like clothes or shoes you have in your closet for example. That’s one way too. It won’t be easy but it’s an way.

Another way to make money at home is sell a book online. Write books for a living. This is probably a poor person’s profession at home. Because, you don’t have to have much upstart money to get started at this. That’s basically how it works for now. That’s basically all I want to say.

Basically that’s about all the way’s to make money online in basic forms. Don’t forget about Bitcoins. Bitcoins can make you a lot of money if you know how they go up and down. But the price of Bitcoin post to rise.

Young dumb and broke!

You broke cause you be spending money on your cell phone to get free porn!!! That’s why you are broke. But to be rich, is a different story. Cause being rich is harder to be than broke. Stay away from the people that make you broke. You probably say, that’s all the friends I have. Well, you could make some more friends or just stay at home and keep to yourself and be lonely. A lonely life is better than being with friends that break you and your wallet with money. But getting rich is visualizing your way to success. Like money in your bank account. It’s like a law of attraction. Some people got talents. Talents to attract people to them. Some people got lots of ideas to make them rich. Or whatever it is. Do it to succeed in life. Life is short. Short enough to be locked down from your dreams that you want to make in life. But the reason you are broke, is a lot of reasons. It’s because you spend money on Netflix or to much money on your cell phone. Or buying un-needed things you don’t need in life. Like a home entertainment center for example. Like something to help you party on the weekend with friends. You may have friends, but you won’t be rich. Sometimes you have to sacrifice for money. But for now, I got to run! Thank you, Christopher Mark Clark!

How to speed up a computer?

First of all, it’s real simple to do this. All you got to do is type “msconfig” in the run menu of the computer. It will show some programs you are running. Some programs you don’t need to run. Like chat programs, video chat programs, and etc. You can uncheck them by going in the list. Please don’t uncheck your main system service files. That can cause your computer to stop running, but that’s basically it.

How to make a million dollars?

First of all, it’s not easy. It takes hard work and time. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands then you need to pick something else that might can help you make a 100,000 or something. Why you need a lot of time? Well, The best ideas come from years of research and problem solving. If you want to write a book and make a million dollars, then it requires you to do research, and your time and energy being put into the book.

You can write a book and make a billion dollars in net worth. The harry potter books made J.K. Rolling a billionaire when she wrote her books back in the day. But I believe she gave a away a lot of her money to charity to help people in need. Personally, I believe J.K. Rolling is a good person deep down inside. Even know, she wrote some books to entertain kids about magic that people made a big deal out of it, like it was witchcraft books for kids to put spells on their parents or friends. Which, is basically, a lot of hocus pocus junk that don’t really amount to nothing.

There is really other ways to make a million dollars easy, like sell a domain on for a million dollars. You need to have a domain name that’s worth money or there’s something special about it to the buyer. I believe you need a lot of luck in this field. But if you feel like people are attracted to your domains that you are selling, then go for it. Nothings stopping you in this world except gravity and maybe karma, laughing out loud!

Money comes to those that work hard for it. Working for money is sometimes the best way to earn money if you don’t have any at all. Cause when you are broke as a joke, money can only come to you if you work for it. You may have some of the best ideas in the world, but if you don’t turn them ideas into products and advertise them on a marketplace, then you will never get rich. But I’ve always heard it takes money to make money in this world. Basically, it all begin in the farming days. When people would trade and barter. In farming, if you had seeds to your plants that you was growing and lots of land, then you could produce more crops and have more. That’s a basic rule of thumb. Money still works that way in the real world in a basic hidden sense. God blesses everybody with a talent. If you don’t take advantage of your talent, then you are dumb.

There is a lot of scriptures in the bible that can help you get rich by studying them and by doing what they say. Right now I don’t know them right of the top of my head. But one I remember, is the servant is the slave to the lender. So, if you borrow money from someone, you got some money from the lender, but you will have to pay it back. But the more money you borrow, the more you will have to pay back to the lender. So, in other words, work on not borrowing money to pay bills and other things like that. In the real world there is interest on borrowed money. Basically, that is how the lender makes money when they loan money out to the servant.

Basically, there is other ways to make a million dollars, like make a blogging site where you blog and place ads on it and you make money by writing a blog everyday. Believe me, it takes hard work. If you can write some interesting articles and stuff like that, then you are on your way to making lots of money blogging on different topics. There is popular blogs on the internet that makes millions in profit from google ads and other ads from other ad networks and affiliates on the internet.

But for now, I got to cut it short, I hope you have a great day and good luck on your ventures in making a million dollars.

The home of the future.

The home of the future will have a super computer running the home security system. Your home will talk to you. Your home will be connected to the internet. You will be connected with your neighbors down the road. The future looks so bright. These kind of homes will cost a lot. I don’t know how much. I say about a 100,000 or more. You will have solar panels to power your home. You will have a robot in your home doing house work, like cleaning the floor and helping you with home choirs. You will have a stereo system and stuff like that.

You will be able to invite friends over from a home social network by voice controls. If you want a girl friend then you can connect to the internet and have a homogamic girl to be your friend. I don’t know people will live alone in the future. But it sure looks like it. Your home will be hooked up to the police, fire, and hospital for your safety and security. This home will do amazing things. The home system will be all Ai and have the nine yards to cook for you. All you got to do everyday is do your own thing. Like watch TV and play music. Or just play games all day on your computer. Life is going to be fun in the future. It’s really going to be endless of what you can do.

You will be able to have parities at your house in your swimming pool and hot tube. The future for these systems will do incredible things. Your swimming pool and hot tube will be cleaned by a robot and that sorta thing. Your yard will be cut by a lawn mower robot. People will notice in your neighbor hood that you have so much energy to do things. You will have an computer exercise room where you exercise in 3d and virtual reality and that sort of thing. But for now, that’s all I got to say for the whole nine yards for a future home. Thank you, Chris Clark

How to change the world forever!!!

First of all, you got to be brave and bold. You don’t fuck around and be a pussy about it. Like they say a pen is mightier than a sword! Hell, it ain’t what you keep secret and don’t tell all you know to get ahead. Well, it’s pretty much about fighting for your fucking rights and getting your ass out there and fighting. Hell, if you have to kill a billion folks on earth, then that will sure the hell make a fucking difference. But the fucking difference makes is when you start killing folks. When all the drugs on earth die out, that’s when they start killing folks and giving people the death penalty for doing drugs. The world got to change, if it don’t we are going to be in a hell of a shape in 50 years from now. People don’t even act or love each other anymore. There’s so much hate because of drugs and domestic violence in homes. Kids don’t even love there parents now, I say some don’t but that needs to change. Pretty much, it’s going to take the end of times to come to change the world for ever. The beast is going to change the world. God isn’t going to change it. All Christians do is sit around and pray all the time and expect something to drop down from the sky. You can say being almost atheist and being bipolar, god haven’t done much for poor people on this earth. All churches want is your money. They say I need your fucking money and they preach to your fucking ass. They don’t give a fucking goddamn if you are in fucking jail for health reasons. But hell, I don’t give a damn. The beast is coming and his ass is already here. Bitcoins is the beast. It’s the one world currency. The world is going to change when everybody owns bitcoins. Cryptocurrency is here to fucking stay. The beast is here. But don’t take my word for it. The beast is going to change the world for ever!!!

How to make a trillion dollars?

Well, first of all, it isn’t easy. Your going to have to solve a big problem and come up with a a trillion dollar solution. Coming up with a trillion dollar solution isn’t easy. But my guess and every bodies else’s where the solution in the future will be is in robotics. The most expensive things to make in a computer is a central processing unit and the operating system. When the robots come on the scene the new things in them will be CPUs and operating systems. That will be the new things that make the robot work. It might be a new programming language used that nobody every heard of to make the robot work.

Robots will be more advanced than computers. Robots will talk, think, walk, move, and do complex tasks that you never new imagined. We are living in the future. The future is here. Robots will be the beasts that rule the world. They will be in space. They will build the spaceships of the future. I’m guessing we will be part robot one day. Our brains will be robotic to keep up with the robots out there.

Robots of the future will come in different shapes and sizes. Robots will work in factories and run factories. Factory workers will be the thing of the past. Humanoid robots will be the thing of the future where robots will look like humans. There will be different kinds of robots for different things. Like there will be sex robots for sex and fantasy. Robots will perform these tasks better and easier. They don’t get tired, and they do things in perfect order that a human can’t do.

But to make a trillion dollars, you would probably have to sell an operating system for a 1000 dollars if there will be a billion robots made on earth. Each human on earth will have a robot to work around the house and do other tasks.

Robots further in the future will be personal assistants for you. They will do your paper work and do office things in the office. They will have an OS in them that does office functions. Robots and like Bitcoin, it’s here to stay. It isn’t going no where. Pretty much, a robot will be programmed to do certain tasks for you. Robots will be pre-programmed, then in the future, they will be programmed to think on their own.

If you haven’t check out robots, or what the next trillion dollar idea is, then the next trillion dollar idea is an OS that controls a robot. It will be a GUI OS like Microsoft windows and it will have special programs in it called bot-ware. There will be a company that makes a robot OS to go in all the robots in the world. There is one now, it is called ROS. Robot operating system if you want to guess.

So basically, the CPU and Robot OS will be the next things that could make a trillion in the AI world. Time is ticking. Nobody haven’t made one yet, but when they do, it will make a lot of money. I’m not going to write a long book on explaining this to you. Cause it’s really no brainier stuff.

How to invest in cryptocurrencies?

How do you invest in cryptocurrencies? Well, it’s really quiet easy. When people think of investing in cryptocurrencies, they think of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that worked efficiently and gained headlines. At the moment of this writing, Bitcoin is priced somewhere around $48,000 or something. But, be smart. Don’t invest in things you can’t afford. The bigshots and big players are now investing in Bitcoin. If you would of invested in Bitcoin in 2009, like when the creator of it created it. Then, now you would of been a bitcoin millionaire. But to come about it, it don’t mean you don’t have time.

There is other cryptocurrencies out there that is cheap. Like pennies on the dollar. You can sign up on coinbase or if you can’t get signed up on coinbase, I suggest you try You don’t need a photo id or government id to get signed up on gemini. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency leader. You would say, that cryptocurrencies mimic the Bitcoin price as it goes up and down. The creator of Bitcoin is unknown and is the richest Bitcoin holder of Bitcoins. The bitcoin creator invested 1,000,000 dollars in bitcoin and is worth like a billion dollars and more in bitcoin. But recently, I heard that coinbase CEO sent out a cryptic message to the creator and said for the creator of Bitcoin not to sell his or her Bitcoin. Why, cause the price of Bitcoin would go down and I would say, Bitcoin would lose value. So being the creator of Bitcoin may not be all that glamourous after all, when you can’t unveil your identity or spend your Bitcoins you earned.

So, if you are a person, like for example, for the things you touch turns to gold, then I suggest you buy a cheap and popular cryptocurrency. There is over 2000 cryptocurrencies that I know of. Investing in cryptocurrencies just requires a bank account, a debit card or credit card and an account of a cryptocurrency exchange. Different cryptocurrency exchanges have different kinds of cryptocurrencies. Coinbase has a lot of the popular cryptocurrencies. So, it’s what works for you. I personally use gemini cryptocurrency exchange, because it was the easiest to sign up with. But if you want to be a cryptocurrency millionaire, I believe it’s not too late. For now, that’s all I got to say.