How to invest in cryptocurrencies?

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How do you invest in cryptocurrencies? Well, it’s really quiet easy. When people think of investing in cryptocurrencies, they think of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that worked efficiently and gained headlines. At the moment of this writing, Bitcoin is priced somewhere around $48,000 or something. But, be smart. Don’t invest in things you can’t afford. The bigshots and big players are now investing in Bitcoin. If you would of invested in Bitcoin in 2009, like when the creator of it created it. Then, now you would of been a bitcoin millionaire. But to come about it, it don’t mean you don’t have time.

There is other cryptocurrencies out there that is cheap. Like pennies on the dollar. You can sign up on coinbase or if you can’t get signed up on coinbase, I suggest you try You don’t need a photo id or government id to get signed up on gemini. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency leader. You would say, that cryptocurrencies mimic the Bitcoin price as it goes up and down. The creator of Bitcoin is unknown and is the richest Bitcoin holder of Bitcoins. The bitcoin creator invested 1,000,000 dollars in bitcoin and is worth like a billion dollars and more in bitcoin. But recently, I heard that coinbase CEO sent out a cryptic message to the creator and said for the creator of Bitcoin not to sell his or her Bitcoin. Why, cause the price of Bitcoin would go down and I would say, Bitcoin would lose value. So being the creator of Bitcoin may not be all that glamourous after all, when you can’t unveil your identity or spend your Bitcoins you earned.

So, if you are a person, like for example, for the things you touch turns to gold, then I suggest you buy a cheap and popular cryptocurrency. There is over 2000 cryptocurrencies that I know of. Investing in cryptocurrencies just requires a bank account, a debit card or credit card and an account of a cryptocurrency exchange. Different cryptocurrency exchanges have different kinds of cryptocurrencies. Coinbase has a lot of the popular cryptocurrencies. So, it’s what works for you. I personally use gemini cryptocurrency exchange, because it was the easiest to sign up with. But if you want to be a cryptocurrency millionaire, I believe it’s not too late. For now, that’s all I got to say.

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