The home of the future.

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The home of the future will have a super computer running the home security system. Your home will talk to you. Your home will be connected to the internet. You will be connected with your neighbors down the road. The future looks so bright. These kind of homes will cost a lot. I don’t know how much. I say about a 100,000 or more. You will have solar panels to power your home. You will have a robot in your home doing house work, like cleaning the floor and helping you with home choirs. You will have a stereo system and stuff like that.

You will be able to invite friends over from a home social network by voice controls. If you want a girl friend then you can connect to the internet and have a homogamic girl to be your friend. I don’t know people will live alone in the future. But it sure looks like it. Your home will be hooked up to the police, fire, and hospital for your safety and security. This home will do amazing things. The home system will be all Ai and have the nine yards to cook for you. All you got to do everyday is do your own thing. Like watch TV and play music. Or just play games all day on your computer. Life is going to be fun in the future. It’s really going to be endless of what you can do.

You will be able to have parities at your house in your swimming pool and hot tube. The future for these systems will do incredible things. Your swimming pool and hot tube will be cleaned by a robot and that sorta thing. Your yard will be cut by a lawn mower robot. People will notice in your neighbor hood that you have so much energy to do things. You will have an computer exercise room where you exercise in 3d and virtual reality and that sort of thing. But for now, that’s all I got to say for the whole nine yards for a future home. Thank you, Chris Clark

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