How to make a trillion dollars?

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Well, first of all, it isn’t easy. Your going to have to solve a big problem and come up with a a trillion dollar solution. Coming up with a trillion dollar solution isn’t easy. But my guess and every bodies else’s where the solution in the future will be is in robotics. The most expensive things to make in a computer is a central processing unit and the operating system. When the robots come on the scene the new things in them will be CPUs and operating systems. That will be the new things that make the robot work. It might be a new programming language used that nobody every heard of to make the robot work.

Robots will be more advanced than computers. Robots will talk, think, walk, move, and do complex tasks that you never new imagined. We are living in the future. The future is here. Robots will be the beasts that rule the world. They will be in space. They will build the spaceships of the future. I’m guessing we will be part robot one day. Our brains will be robotic to keep up with the robots out there.

Robots of the future will come in different shapes and sizes. Robots will work in factories and run factories. Factory workers will be the thing of the past. Humanoid robots will be the thing of the future where robots will look like humans. There will be different kinds of robots for different things. Like there will be sex robots for sex and fantasy. Robots will perform these tasks better and easier. They don’t get tired, and they do things in perfect order that a human can’t do.

But to make a trillion dollars, you would probably have to sell an operating system for a 1000 dollars if there will be a billion robots made on earth. Each human on earth will have a robot to work around the house and do other tasks.

Robots further in the future will be personal assistants for you. They will do your paper work and do office things in the office. They will have an OS in them that does office functions. Robots and like Bitcoin, it’s here to stay. It isn’t going no where. Pretty much, a robot will be programmed to do certain tasks for you. Robots will be pre-programmed, then in the future, they will be programmed to think on their own.

If you haven’t check out robots, or what the next trillion dollar idea is, then the next trillion dollar idea is an OS that controls a robot. It will be a GUI OS like Microsoft windows and it will have special programs in it called bot-ware. There will be a company that makes a robot OS to go in all the robots in the world. There is one now, it is called ROS. Robot operating system if you want to guess.

So basically, the CPU and Robot OS will be the next things that could make a trillion in the AI world. Time is ticking. Nobody haven’t made one yet, but when they do, it will make a lot of money. I’m not going to write a long book on explaining this to you. Cause it’s really no brainier stuff.

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