How to change the world forever!!!

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First of all, you got to be brave and bold. You don’t fuck around and be a pussy about it. Like they say a pen is mightier than a sword! Hell, it ain’t what you keep secret and don’t tell all you know to get ahead. Well, it’s pretty much about fighting for your fucking rights and getting your ass out there and fighting. Hell, if you have to kill a billion folks on earth, then that will sure the hell make a fucking difference. But the fucking difference makes is when you start killing folks. When all the drugs on earth die out, that’s when they start killing folks and giving people the death penalty for doing drugs. The world got to change, if it don’t we are going to be in a hell of a shape in 50 years from now. People don’t even act or love each other anymore. There’s so much hate because of drugs and domestic violence in homes. Kids don’t even love there parents now, I say some don’t but that needs to change. Pretty much, it’s going to take the end of times to come to change the world for ever. The beast is going to change the world. God isn’t going to change it. All Christians do is sit around and pray all the time and expect something to drop down from the sky. You can say being almost atheist and being bipolar, god haven’t done much for poor people on this earth. All churches want is your money. They say I need your fucking money and they preach to your fucking ass. They don’t give a fucking goddamn if you are in fucking jail for health reasons. But hell, I don’t give a damn. The beast is coming and his ass is already here. Bitcoins is the beast. It’s the one world currency. The world is going to change when everybody owns bitcoins. Cryptocurrency is here to fucking stay. The beast is here. But don’t take my word for it. The beast is going to change the world for ever!!!

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