Young dumb and broke!

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You broke cause you be spending money on your cell phone to get free porn!!! That’s why you are broke. But to be rich, is a different story. Cause being rich is harder to be than broke. Stay away from the people that make you broke. You probably say, that’s all the friends I have. Well, you could make some more friends or just stay at home and keep to yourself and be lonely. A lonely life is better than being with friends that break you and your wallet with money. But getting rich is visualizing your way to success. Like money in your bank account. It’s like a law of attraction. Some people got talents. Talents to attract people to them. Some people got lots of ideas to make them rich. Or whatever it is. Do it to succeed in life. Life is short. Short enough to be locked down from your dreams that you want to make in life. But the reason you are broke, is a lot of reasons. It’s because you spend money on Netflix or to much money on your cell phone. Or buying un-needed things you don’t need in life. Like a home entertainment center for example. Like something to help you party on the weekend with friends. You may have friends, but you won’t be rich. Sometimes you have to sacrifice for money. But for now, I got to run! Thank you, Christopher Mark Clark!

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