How to make a million dollars?

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First of all, it’s not easy. It takes hard work and time. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands then you need to pick something else that might can help you make a 100,000 or something. Why you need a lot of time? Well, The best ideas come from years of research and problem solving. If you want to write a book and make a million dollars, then it requires you to do research, and your time and energy being put into the book.

You can write a book and make a billion dollars in net worth. The harry potter books made J.K. Rolling a billionaire when she wrote her books back in the day. But I believe she gave a away a lot of her money to charity to help people in need. Personally, I believe J.K. Rolling is a good person deep down inside. Even know, she wrote some books to entertain kids about magic that people made a big deal out of it, like it was witchcraft books for kids to put spells on their parents or friends. Which, is basically, a lot of hocus pocus junk that don’t really amount to nothing.

There is really other ways to make a million dollars easy, like sell a domain on for a million dollars. You need to have a domain name that’s worth money or there’s something special about it to the buyer. I believe you need a lot of luck in this field. But if you feel like people are attracted to your domains that you are selling, then go for it. Nothings stopping you in this world except gravity and maybe karma, laughing out loud!

Money comes to those that work hard for it. Working for money is sometimes the best way to earn money if you don’t have any at all. Cause when you are broke as a joke, money can only come to you if you work for it. You may have some of the best ideas in the world, but if you don’t turn them ideas into products and advertise them on a marketplace, then you will never get rich. But I’ve always heard it takes money to make money in this world. Basically, it all begin in the farming days. When people would trade and barter. In farming, if you had seeds to your plants that you was growing and lots of land, then you could produce more crops and have more. That’s a basic rule of thumb. Money still works that way in the real world in a basic hidden sense. God blesses everybody with a talent. If you don’t take advantage of your talent, then you are dumb.

There is a lot of scriptures in the bible that can help you get rich by studying them and by doing what they say. Right now I don’t know them right of the top of my head. But one I remember, is the servant is the slave to the lender. So, if you borrow money from someone, you got some money from the lender, but you will have to pay it back. But the more money you borrow, the more you will have to pay back to the lender. So, in other words, work on not borrowing money to pay bills and other things like that. In the real world there is interest on borrowed money. Basically, that is how the lender makes money when they loan money out to the servant.

Basically, there is other ways to make a million dollars, like make a blogging site where you blog and place ads on it and you make money by writing a blog everyday. Believe me, it takes hard work. If you can write some interesting articles and stuff like that, then you are on your way to making lots of money blogging on different topics. There is popular blogs on the internet that makes millions in profit from google ads and other ads from other ad networks and affiliates on the internet.

But for now, I got to cut it short, I hope you have a great day and good luck on your ventures in making a million dollars.

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