Investments, Information, and Inventions.

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The three are three ways to make money summed up on the computer, you can make lot’s of money if you know how these three ways. Investments is doing investments online. So, if you have a lot of money saved up and you have a bank account and hook into your TD Ameritrade account online. Then investing would be a great option for you. Which, pretty much, I never had a lot of money in my life time to invest. Then you have information. Information part,is writing a book or blog on the internet. I say, write you a blog and make a passive income at home. Put you some google ads on your page to generate income. That would be google ad sense. Google ad sense is sometimes hard to get. Then I suggest you try out other ad affiliates on the internet.

Then you have inventions. Inventions deals with things like software and websites you can create to make money. If you create software at home then you need Some venture capital. If you think somebody is going to hand you over a lot of money to make money, then I try inventions if I where you. If you want to create a web 2.0 or web 3.0 website now days, then the time is still ripe. It’s never been a better time in history. If you can create a witty invention like a cool website. Then I say, stick with inventions and raise money from venture capitalists online. But pretty much for that, That’s all I got to say.

And the last part of the information, is write you a book. Write you a novel or something. It really depends on you. You might want to write a technical book or something. But whatever. Writing books isn’t always for everybody. Most people don’t make much writing books at all. So, I suggest you do some of the other options above for internet ideas. So for now, I got to run. Have a great day, Thank you Chris Clark.

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